Aiming to Provide the Best Possible Float Experience


Our entire facility has been meticulously designed and constructed with you in mind – ensuring the best possible float experience we can provide. Each of our private rooms is equipped with a shower, prep area and either a float pod or float room.

The walls within our facility have been constructed using state-of-the-art soundproofing methods and our flooring contains a non-slip textured surface ensuring safety in the shower and around the float equipment.



We include all amenities for your float session. Once in your private room, you’ll find earplugs, non-toxic body wash, high-quality and non-toxic shampoo/conditioner and a towel which is washed in all-natural laundry detergent.

There is also a post float prep area with a hair dryer and mirror.


Our filtration system features a 1-micron filter – the best filter available for a float tank. The filtration system filters particles from the water to 1-micron in size and is FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). We know you're not here to drink the water but our filtration system is so efficient that it actually produces drinking class water. For comparison, standard competitor pool and spa filter cartridges filter to 20-30 microns.

The filtration system produces water that is not just clean and smells great but also sterilizes the air and inside walls of the float tank. It also features DEL UV treatment and Ozone Water Treatment.

Between float sessions, the water is cycled through this intense filtration process a minimum of three times and each room is thoroughly cleaned using only high quality, non-toxic products.

Water is tested each day following the City of Hamilton water safety regulations.

Our Equipment

All of our equipment is manufactured by Superior Float Tanks. Thorough research went into choosing a manufacturer that reflected our vision of providing the most hygienic, safe and enjoyable floatation experience possible.

Both our float pod and room are premium floatation units chosen to provide you with complete control of your float experience. Looking for full sensory deprivation? Perhaps you would prefer tranquil LED lighting while listening to a guided meditation, soothing nature sounds or one of our custom audio journeys. Either way - you have complete control.

Our float pod is 85” long and 55” wide and features a piston-supported pivoting lid which you have the option to leave open or closed. It’s also equipped with multi-colour LED lighting, transducer stereo speakers and dual in-tank heaters that monitor and keep the water temperature constant throughout your float session. You have complete control of the lighting and music from within the tank at all times. There is also a two-way communication system with our lobby attendant from within the tank that you can easily initiate as required.

Our float room is spacious at 94” long, 52” wide and 88” tall. The room features a full size access door, which can be closed or left open. As with the pod, the float room also comes equipped with multi-color LED lighting, stereo transducer speakers and two-way communication with the lobby. All systems are controlled from within the float room.

Both units provide easy access for those with mobility restrictions.

Sonic Journeys & Audio

As part of your floatation experience, you are welcome to choose from one of our custom sonic journeys:

  • Meditation
    • Guided
    • Chakra meditation
    • Shamanic meditation
    • Buddhist meditation
    • Positive meditation
  • Nature Sounds
    • Ocean waves
    • Rain
    • Rain with distant thunderstorms
    • Instrumental
      • Relaxing piano
      • Classical
      • Space ambient

    Alternatively, if you have music or audio tracks that you'd like to bring in, no problem! We offer 3.5 mm aux cables in each private room so you can keep your phone or device with you at all times. We ask you have your playlist ready when you arrive so it's a simple plug and play.