Q: Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do before my float session?

A: We recommend you refrain from drinking anything with caffeine a few hours before your float (caffeine is a stimulant, and can make you jittery during your session). This goes for smoking as well. Eating a light meal 90 minutes before your float can help avoid a distracting hungry tummy. If you can avoid it, don’t shave or wax before your float – the salt water could irritate your skin. It’s best to wait at least 2 - 3 washes after you dye your hair before floating to avoid reducing the colour pigment and also damaging the float pod/room. For red hair, we recommend at least 3 - 4 washes or until you no longer see red on the towel before floating. Anyone with cuts should remove their Band-Aid and apply Vaseline (provided) to the wound prior to entering the pod/room.

Q: Do I shower before using the pod/room?

A: Yes. Showering before your session ensures the elimination of personal products and other contaminants. Using the shower afterward is also suggested to remove the coating of Epsom salt that is left on the skin and hair.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Since you float in the nude and in a private room, there's no need for a swimsuit. Wearing a swimsuit distracts from the float experience, however if you prefer to wear one, you can. We will provide earplugs, towels, all-natural soap/shampoo/conditioner and a hair dryer. If you'd like to bring your own shower toiletries to use after your session, you're welcome to. 

Q: Can I use my own toiletries before my session?

A: We provide all-natural, hypoallergenic and organic cleansing products for your use both before and after your float session. If you would prefer to use your own products, we ask that you do so only AFTER your session. 

Q: What is Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and why is it used?

A: Epsom salt is very different from sea salt or table salt, which is mainly sodium chloride. Epsom salt is non-toxic and has been used medicinally for centuries to treat various health issues. We use it for three main reasons: it raises the density of the water enabling you to float, it provides many health benefits and it softens your skin.

Q: Will the Epsom salt get stuck in my ears?

A: If you neglect to rinse your ears thoroughly during your post-float shower, yes. Even after rinsing, it's possible some salt will stay in your ears and you may hear a crackling sound days after your float session. This is not dangerous but more distracting. Earplugs are always provided for those who choose to use them.

Q: What if I'm claustrophobic?

A: This is a common fear for first-time floaters. Don’t worry; many people are in the same boat. Both of our units have been chosen to help those who suffer from claustrophobia. 

If you'd like to float with the light on or with music, that's okay too – it's your choice. Our entire facility has been carefully developed to provide you with complete control and comfort. And if you feel like you need help at any time, you can get out right away or even call us through the intercom.

The float pod lid can be left open. 

The float room is an actual room where you can stand up straight while inside, and the door can be left open if you prefer.

Q: How long will my float session be?

A: Your float session is 90 minutes with 1 hour in the pod or float room. This allows for a shower before and after your float. For first time floaters, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time so you can park, check in and sign a waiver. 

Q: Can I float for more than 60 minutes?

A: Yes, of course. Longer sessions are available by request. Call us at 905.218.6072 or email info@mysticfloat.com.  

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: If you need to cancel your float session, we understand things comes up. We kindly ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.  

Q: How is the water and float pod/room cleaned?

A: The water in the pod and float room is filtered multiple times between each use and is tested often to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. Plus, the level of Epsom salt in the solution is so high that, much like the Dead Sea, nothing can survive. An attendant fully cleans the shower, room and float pod/rooms with high-quality, organic cleaning products between each session.

Q: When did floating start?

A: Floating has been around for quite some time. Dr. John C. Lilly created the first sensory deprivation tanks in the 1950's and others have been improving on the design since then. Many people such as athletes and those with medical issues have been floating widely since the 1960's. 

Q: I suffer from high levels of stress and pain; will floating help?

A: ABSOLUTELY. Many have found relief from pain and stress with floating for decades. There’s plenty of research supporting floatation and sensory deprivation therapy as an effective treatment for ailments like: fibromyalgia, arthritis, various bone, joint and muscle problems such as back pain, pre-menstrual tension, post natal depression, asthma, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis and synovitis to name a few. Check out our Scientific Research and In the Media pages for videos and articles.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: If we have an open pod/room available, it’s yours! However, it's a good idea to call us at 905.218.6072 or click here to schedule a session.  

Q: Can I float if I'm on my period?

A: Sure, just bring the proper accouterments as if you were swimming. 

Q: What’s the difference between a float room and a float pod?

A: A float room is much larger than a pod – nearly 50%. In addition to the extra space, the float room has a large side-opening door and straight walls and ceiling. A float pod is in a capsule shape with a custom pivoting lid. On both units, the doors can be left open at all times.

Q: How big is a float room and float pod?

A: The interior dimensions of our float room are 7'6” long x 4'4” wide x 7'4” tall and our pod is 7'-1” long x 4'-7” wide. 

Q: Will I float? I don’t normally float in water.

A: Yes. There is more than 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt dissolved in the water so no matter your weight or height, you will float on your back without effort. As you lay back, the water will reach your temples; leaving your eyes, nose and mouth fully exposed to the air.

Q: What if I fall asleep during my session?

A: That’s great! Many people safely fall asleep as a result of being so relaxed. Even those who say they never sleep on their backs in bed, do so easily. 

Q: How will I know my session is over?

A: After 60 minutes, you will hear a soft voice through the speaker system to notify you that it is time to start getting out and take your shower. Be sure to get out slowly!

Q: Is anyone unable to use the tank?

A: People who are epileptic, have heart issues, a history of blackouts or with special conditions should consult their physician before scheduling a session. People under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to float. 

Q: I’m pregnant. Can I float?

A: Absolutely! Pregnant women have benefited a great deal with float therapy. Gravity causes a lot of stress for the mother-to-be – joint pain, inflammation, stress on the organs and your unborn baby. Floating can help alleviate all of it!

Some women have reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called ‘mirror effect’ – the baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the pod/room. Many women report a stronger connection with their baby when exposed to this environment.